Welcome to the GeoResources website - the Geography portal for teachers and students .

GeoResources has a twin - a website called GeoInteractive. This website for Geography teachers contains resources and information for Key Stage 3, GCSE and AS/A2 teaching and learning (also suitable for all secondary children north of the border!) There are hundreds of FREE teaching resources, tutorials, a baseline assessment pack, links to exam boards and much more. If you are a teacher looking for resources, check it out here.

The GeoResources website is packed full of Geography Links organised by age group - guaranteed to save you hours of frustrating searching. If you want to try some Virtual Fieldwork - click on the menu. There are digital photo tours of rivers, coasts, sand dunes, towns and more. The Case Studies section provides detailed notes, photos and diagrams about earthquakes, volcanoes, oil spills and national parks. If you need Outline Maps for a Geography homework or project then look no further - clear outlines, ready to print or paste into other programs. There is a large Photo Gallery from which you can select photos and satellite images for your Geography projects, information sheets, Powerpoint presentations, etc.

If you are not sure where to look in GeoResources then the Site Search facility will give you a list of possible pages to look at.

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"Probably the best Geography site available." (On the Web: Geography - Guardian Newspaper 2000)
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