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A research report has been released by The Geographical Association or GA regarding the impacts of Geography and its global learning from different schools.

The Global Learning Programme or GLP is a program supported by the UK government on educating about global learning that is at the key stages of 2 and 3. The program was taught in primary, secondary, and special schools.

It has built an organization among schools that encourage their students to give a positive impact on global integration. The program has Geography as its leading subject which allows their students to learn and understand the current issues at hand such as poverty and how it can be reduced. It teaches critical thinking to the students and how to approach these issues. As of now, there are more than 7,800 schools that have participated in the program.

The schools that participated in the program had discovered that global learning had helped improved the students’ thinking skills and promoted foster, spiritual, moral, social, and cultural development values.

An Ofsted report from the Polesworth School stated that the program effectively helped students develop into responsible, modern citizens of Britain.

The program was managed by different institutions such as Pearson, Geographical Association, UCL Institution of Education, and others.

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