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Resources for Teachers

Thanks to technology, information has never been more accessible. People who work in different fields have been rejoicing about this, but some of the happiest are probably the teachers.

Before, teachers had to do their research for more information manually, and that would usually take up so much of their time. Now, a few clicks here and there, and the information you want would be sitting right in front of your eyes.

However, not all websites are recommendable like is. When you make a site your online resource, you want to be sure with a lot of things first such as reliable information, easy navigation, excellent web hosting service, and abundant materials.

Here are some of the best online information resources that teachers can use:

Discovery Education

The people behind this website are the same people who are responsible for Discovery Channel. If you’re familiar with that, then you’ll know that the information this site contains is reliable. Aside from that, lesson plans are available to help you conduct lessons efficiently. There are also worksheets for you to use. They are all categorized according to levels to make downloading faster and easier.


Scholastic provides teachers with free resources. If you take a tour in their website, you’ll find that it has a lot of sections, carefully classified according to what the teacher might need. Some of its sections are The Resources and Tools, which has lesson plans and other valuable information, The Strategies and Ideas, which can help with your classroom management, and the Teacher Store, where teachers can avail materials at a discounted price.

Smithsonian Education

This website is not only for teachers but also for parents and students. It contains thousands of free educational resources in areas such as History and Culture, Science and Technology, and Art and Design. All the materials are searchable by grade level, subject, and other keywords.

PBS Teachers

This website caters to all grade levels, but it specializes in middle school and high school lessons. There are lesson guides to help teachers with their lesson flow. There are also news articles to keep the students well-informed about their society and the world. These articles are especially helpful in enhancing the students’ reading comprehension skills and in widening their vocabulary.

Education World

The good thing about this is that it’s available in both the web and in app. Its goal is to help teachers be the best teachers that they can be while helping them conduct informative classes. They not only have information for regular teachers but also for beginner and substitute ones. The site is also armed with lesson plans, worksheets, games, and other activities that will surely make learning both efficient and fun.

Teachers Pay Teachers

Another good source for reliable information is another teacher; in this case, this platform. This website serves as a platform for teachers in the world to share their materials to one another. It’s not free, but what’s a small amount compared to the help and information you can get from teachers all over the world.

Other Good Websites to Check Out:

  • Reading A-Z
  • Teacher’s Notebook
  • Read Theory
  • CNN Student News
  • Teachers’ Notebook


Getting more online information resources is very helpful to all teachers. Let’s help everybody’s education by supporting these resources and others of its kind.

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