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Ace the GRE

Do you intend to enroll in a business or grad school? If so, you must read the Magoosh GRE reviews and prepare for the Graduate Record Examinations or GRE, a regularized exam utilized by admissions commissions to evaluate the aspirants. Having a high score on GRE would definitely make you eligible for various schools. But it’s easier than done, that is why you need to study hard and consider these 5 tips to ace that test.

1. Make a guess

One great thing when taking GRE is that there’s no consequence if you’re guessing. It is better to guess than to skip questions if you really don’t know the answers. Predicting this exam is an ability you should have that needs practice. For example, if you are nearing to the time limit and still clueless, you might as well take a guess. Obliging to answer right away to an answer you are not totally confident can give you an unusual feeling and be restless when less rehearsed.  Therefore, the best thing to do when you’re still unable inside the minute mark, guess and go forward to the next question.

2. Do the Backsolve method

The backsolving method is like reviewing your solution and is an excellent approach for problem-solving questions.  If you’re not completely sure about your work, check each one of the choices given to make sure that other answers are incorrect. You may either start with A or B, this will give you 40% odds of attaining the correct answer in accordance with your initial round of computation.

3. Map a passage

GRE necessitates you to commit to being an active reader. Despite the varied topics, the GRE gives a similar variety of questions regardless of the topic. This needs you to be strategic while reading by taking notes as you shift through a passage, to be more specific, make a passage map that is very useful to deal with questions or problems. Taking down the passage’s key points, any ideas and the source along with the pattern of the passage, in general, will help you significantly when undertaking the GRE Reading Comp part.

4. Avoid using calculator

As much as possible, you need to have a pace when answering in GRE. Even though a calculator can be a valuable aid in many GRE Quant items, it’s better not to use one as most are can be solved in just a few minutes even without a calculator. Instead, do the conversions and calculations in your head to save time.

5. Make the proper preparations

Don’t treat GRE like just some kind of a test in high school. Last-minute reviews will not work as the exam has a wide scope of the subject matter. Moreover, knowledge is gained by studying for an ample of time. Preparations are also critical, so the week before the exam, condition your state of mind so you will get the score you want with all the time and effort you put into it. Do a final review of all your vocabulary words and a couple of sets of math drills to sustain bent arithmetic muscles without breaking them. There are also GRE practice tests online that you can download and answer, so when the time test comes, you’re already familiar with the line of questioning.


When taking GRE, don’t just take a chance since it’s your future what’s at stake here. You need to have the dedication to study and learn useful strategies like the ones mention above to cement the success of getting a high grade.

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