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Rock Street, San Francisco
Rock Street, San Francisco
Riding an Elevator

Going up and down via stairways can take time and energy, especially when you have to carry heavy things. Fortunately, many buildings are well-equipped with lift parts UK. Here’s how to ride one;

  1. First, go to the elevator doors. Pushed either up or down and wait until the elevator arrives.
  2. When it arrives, don’t get inside immediately as there might be any people exiting. Be mindful also for the persons with disability or carrying essential things, give them some space so they can pass smoothly.
  3. Many elevators have indications to determine whether it is going up or down. But if you happen to encounter an elevator with no direction signal, inquire the ongoing passengers to where they are heading to make sure you’re in the right direction.
  4. It’s not necessarily always that people will exit the lift, especially when you’re on the first few floors. So, if there’s still plenty of passengers, make a judgment if there is a room for you.
  5. When you think it’s allowable for you to hop in, enter the elevator and look for a vacant spot. Lifts differ in size and space. Find a spot where you’ll be comfortable and, at the same time, convenient for you to exit. Usually, the best place is at the back of the elevator away from the doors because not only you’ll give space for other people to get in and out, it is also an ideal section to be for longer rides.
  6. Then, choose your floor by pressing the buttons that are typically located on the right side of the door. Most of the buttons are numbered, which represents the building floors, while for the lobby, garage, basement, etc. may be by letters.
  7. When exiting the elevator, make sure that you’re on the correct floor you want to be. Elevator doors will automatically open once it stops at your destination. Excuse yourself as you walk out of the elevator.

Easy right? Now that you’ve learned how to ride an elevator, here are the do’s and don’ts to follow.


  • Be careful with your step when entering and exiting the elevator to avoid stumbling.
  • Stand if it possible away from the door and if there’s a handrail, hold to it.
  • Keep calm if the elevator gets stuck and call for help by pressing the emergency contact or alarm button.
  • Comfort and remind everyone to stay calm for help is coming
  • Just stay inside the jammed elevator. Never try to force open the elevator doors because, as stated by the Elevator Escalator Safety Foundation EESF, the safest place of a stuck elevator is its inside.
  • Be quiet to hear the safety commands.


  • Don’t use an elevator when a fire breaks out. Walkthrough the stairs instead.
  • Please don’t get in a very crowded elevator, for it may reach its weight limit.
  • Never participate in horseplay.
  • Don’t push or lean on someone against the elevator door.


Hopefully, this article enlightens you on how to ride an elevator properly. Keep in mind that elevators/lifts are public facilities, so be considerate to other passengers. And lastly, be safe always.

Post Author: Lucas Abbott

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