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Selling Your Home

Selling a home or can be a time-consuming task and emotionally challenging, especially if you have never done it before. This makes it possible for first time home sellers to make huge mistakes. Little knowledge can help you to sell my property quickly and avoid pitfall mistakes.

The following are the mistakes you need to avoid when selling your home.

Mistake No.1: Involving Emotions

Once you have decided to sell your home start thinking of yourself as a businessman or woman. Looking at that situation using a financial perspective helps you not to become emotional.

Mistake No. 2: Not Hiring an Agent

Although real estate agents ask for a hefty commission, you should not try to sell your home on your own. An agent can assist you to set a fair and competitive price for the sale of your home. Agents have extensive negotiation skills on home sales and they can handle various issues unlike you. They are also familiar with pitfalls and paperwork related to real estate transactions.

Mistake No .3: Minimizing what Agents Do

Some people have tried to sell homes themselves. You need to research the properties that have been recently sold in your area to determine the selling price. Always keep in mind that most home prices have agents commission included.

Selling a house on your own can help you to save thousands. However, if you have to forgo an agent, ensure that you consider hiring an attorney to help you with the process.

Mistake No. 4: Setting an Unrealistic Price

Whether you are working closely with your agent or not coming up with a realistic price is key. Do some market analysis together with your agent to come with a fair price. Keep in mind that buyers and sellers will do this for your home so you need to be ahead of them.

Mistake No. 5: Selling During the Winter Months

Winter is usually a slow time to make home sales. People are always busy with social engagement and the weather makes people to be stuck at home. Thus, it might take you quite a long time to sell your house.

Mistake No, 6: Skimping on Listing Photos

Most buyers look for homes online and many of these homes have photos attached to them. Therefore, you need to have good photos of the house you are selling. This will help your house listing to stand out thus assisting you to generate extra interest.

Mistake No. 7: Not Having Proper Insurance

Your lender must have made it compulsory for you to have a homeowner’s insurance policy just in case you do not have one, ensure that you are insured to protect yourself from a viewer who might get hurt on your premises and attempts to sue you for damages. Also, ensure that there are no hazards around or in the house you are planning to sell.


There are very many other critical mistakes you can make when selling a house thus you need to look through various websites and seek advice from an attorney. Moreover, you need to be prepared mentally and financially to handle any issue that comes your way. Sometimes the house may take longer in the market than expected.

Post Author: Lucas Abbott

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