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Life is not easy at times, and so you need a little advice at such times. Good advice is not easy to find. It’s now even harder to find good and free advice. The best thing mentioned by is that there are websites that exist which offer good free advice online. These sites will provide you with some wisdom to deal with what you are facing.

The eight websites to check out while looking for good free advice online

Elder wisdom circle.

This site is a great one to seek advice from, especially for people who lack their elders to guide them when needed. It’s an excellent place to fill the gap for such individuals. This site provides caring, supportive, and empathetic advice. It tackles many topics, with the “elders” drawing their own life experiences to offer a framework for individuals in need.

7 cups

This is a site that aims at connecting people who require communication with caring listeners. It’s an anonymous site since there is confidentiality. It does not matter how your issue is, whether it’s personal or private. Common problems dealt within this site include relationships, anxiety, LGBTQ+ issues, and depression.

Ask a manager

This is an online advice site that offers career guidance. Alison Green, who is behind this site, responds to questions about managing, hiring, promoting, firing, and more. She worked for a non-profit organization which was successful. If you would like advice concerning your career, check out this site.

Free advice

The main objective of this site is to provide free legal advice online. Most topics dealt with here are about bankruptcy, car accidents, real estate, personal injury and child custody, and more. It is meant for the Americans; hence it might not be useful to non-residents of the US.

Fun advice

Fun advice is a website that provides a wide range of topics. Examples of what you can find here include: “guide on selling your house, ” “how to install your water heater. ” In summary, fun advice offers a step-by-step guide concerning almost all areas.


It is a site that uses the Q&A approach. It has various categories, which include family, law, motoring, insurance jobs, food, and drinks, media, and business. However, it is a British website meant for only people living in the UK.


You need to sign up at Reddit to get the subreddit, which provides general pieces of advice to a specific topic. Everything is found here. You can ask anything from parenting to law. Here, the users willing to respond to questions and they are always free. So, the quality of advice is considerable.

Hey, from the future.

Here, the advice is provided according to age. When you log in, you first select the age you currently are. You will see the pieces of advice that have been left there by people of different ages who wish they knew what they would have known at your age. These pieces of advice might apply to you at your age.

In conclusion, free online advice sites offer a lot and concerns all aspects of life – from relationship advice to legal and financial queries. However, in the event that these sites can’t help with solving your problem, at least they bring you closer to your remedy without having to give up your credit card information to gain that.

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