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Science Concepts Using Beyblade

If you have kids, you might have heard Beyblade from them. According to play comparison, It may seem like any other toy. However, you can use it to introduce scientific concepts in a fun and light way. This article will help you make the most out of this toy and discover and teach science through it.

The theories and how Beyblades can be connected to these theories will be explained. You should not miss reading this post if you see a potential engineer in your kids.

Teaching about Force


This concept explains that any unopposed interaction will cause a change in the movement of an object. As a result, there is a change in the velocity of mass from the object. Some examples are pushing and pulling things and moving from rest.

You can explain to your kid that their playmate won because there was much force exerted when doing the rip.


It is the force that pulls a body towards the earth or other physical bodies that have mass. You can say that after Beyblades slow down, gravity will cause them to pull down.


It causes rotation because of its twisting power. When kids spin their Beyblade for a long time, you can explain that much torque was produced.


This gives the strength to work. There are various methods to have potential or stored energy such as changes from potential to kinetic energy. Telling your child that when they hold the toy high and then rip it, they can release more potential or kinetic energy.



Unless there is a change due to an outside force, any property of matter in a straight line continues to have the same state of uniform or rest.


When an object moves from one position to another, there is a resistance to the object or surface it is in contact with.

This concept can be connected with Beyblades because these have much inertia and can spin non-stop unless gravity and friction take effect.


If there is an application of net force, this physical property can have the resistance to acceleration measured. Kilogram (kg) which is the basic unit of this concept can be used to determine how strong the gravitational attraction is.

You can tell your kids that if their Beyblade has greater mass than their playmate, this toy can resist attacks without difficulty.


It is the quantity of movement that is measured through the product of velocity and mass. To explain it to your kid, you say that the balance of this toy made it move out of the platform and cause it to crash and stop.


This is computed by the speed of something that moves in a specific direction. To put it simply, it measures how fast something is going in a certain direction. For example, if something moves north at 10 meters per minute, its velocity is 10 meters per second to the north.

You can challenge your kid and ask why the velocity of their toy is rapid in a particular direction. Then, you can tell the reason why it pulls going that way.

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