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Full Breakdown of CBD

You must have heard the acronym “CBD” if not, see here. It is commonly used for medicinal purposes but it’s gotten from cannabis. It is also thought not to be psychoactive. Latest studies show it can work closely with body organs to heal various health conditions. What is behind the success of CBD? And why is it being used globally?

The meaning of CBD

CBD is an acronym of ‘cannabidiol.’ Cannabidiol is a unique molecule derived from cannabis Sativa. Another type of molecule derived from the cannabis Sativa plant, which most people know of, is tetrahydrocannabinol, whose acronym is THC. It is mostly gotten from marijuana types of cannabis. CBD and THC have a close relationship.

CBD is not an addictive substance; thus, people cannot start depending on it after intake. Scientific studies have shown that CBD can treat various conditions, including metabolic syndrome, autoimmune diseases, cardiovascular dysfunction, neurological issues, and gut disorders.

CBD can treat various conditions, but it is not a drug. Moreover, its effect on human beings needs to be further researched. Anyone interested to use CBD in any form should consult a clinician first.

How does CBD work?

The body system has an endogenous cannabinoid system, which was discovered in 1990. Researchers state that this system is responsible for ensuring your other body systems are balanced and communicating with each other when one is undergoing environmental stress.

Thus, a human being has cannabinoid receptors all across his body. At times your body may be lacking cannabinoids. Therefore, CBD products give a boost to your endocannabinoid system.

How long has CBD been in existence

People have been known to use cannabis for medicinal purposes since time immemorial. Some researchers, such as Daniel Abazia and Mary Bridgeman, claim that people were using marijuana more than 4000 years ago in Romania. TCH was also used for medicinal purposes back in 400 CE.

CBD molecule was first extracted from cannabis a few decades ago. Roger Adams derived CBD from cannabis Sativa in 1940 unknowingly. The first CBD test was carried out in animals by Dr. welter S. Loewe.

He was also able to discover the molecule in three- dimensions structure. A British Pharmacopoeia made CBD oils for treatment in 1960. In June 2018, the US legalized a drug extracted from CBD known as Epidiolex used to treat a seizure in children.

How is CBD used today?

CBD is turned to a variety of products such as gummies, salves, oils, and tinctures. CBD is also thought of as slowing down the progress of some diseases and even preventing some diseases. It is also said to treat brain injuries, reduce stress and reduce the risk of cancer, alleviate pain, E.T.C. CBD is legalized in all the 5O US states.

What makes good CBD?

CBD should be grown organically. Quality brands should be transparent by providing information regarding extraction and farming. However, there more natural methods of treating some health conditions. Thus, it is crucial to cross-check the products you are planning to buy.


CBD is a promising molecule when it comes to treating various health conditions. Thus, it should be exempted from stigma because of its relationship with marijuana.

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