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Rock Street, San Francisco
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The surprising geography of South Korea

Even though the country is not touristic, it has many attractive features that you will discover while on a trip. According to SCJ, The country has many mountains, but their peaks have been worn down by wind and rain. In Jeju island, there is high humidity, which brings rainfall forming tropical evergreen jungles. Jeju island, which is located 85 kilometers from the coast, is a beautiful place to visit in South Korea. It was also voted as the seventh wonder of nature. Jeju island has white sand beaches surrounded by beautiful botanic gardens, pine forests, lave …

Approaches On How To Study Geography

Geography is one of the basic subjects any high school student must understand.
Tutoring experts recommend to study it seriously since it will be constantly used in everyday living. It is basically the systematic study of locations here on Earth, and with online tutoring, it becomes more visual since so many free resources are available on the internet.
Scope of Geography
The geography you will be required to learn has two types. Here are the following.
Physical Geography
The focus of …

Microplastics: Why is it harmful to worms?

The ocean is not only the natural resources bothered by the dangers brought about by microplastics but there are many red wigglers for sale just because of that. Recent studies found out that microplastics in the soil also threatened the worms, too. As we all know, worms play an important role in recycling organic waste and soil construction. This is only one of the benefits of worms for gardening.
Farmers consider worms as “ecosystem engineers” because they keep the soil healthy. Unfortunately, with plastics preventing worm…