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Study Geography

Geography is one of the basic subjects any high school student must understand.

Tutoring experts recommend to study it seriously since it will be constantly used in everyday living. It is basically the systematic study of locations here on Earth, and with online tutoring, it becomes more visual since so many free resources are available on the internet.

Scope of Geography

The geography you will be required to learn has two types. Here are the following.

Physical Geography

The focus of this branch is the physical aspects of the Earth such as rock formations, bodies of waters, soil composition, climate, and any movement or activity from the Earth’s core towards the atmosphere.

Human Geography

The focus of this branch is the behavioral aspects of human beings in relation to their location. This includes culture, livelihood, survival, and socialization. The surrounding environment greatly affects the behavior and decisions of the people residing within.



The evidence of the basic understanding of geography can be as simple as identifying your own location or address. If you can describe your surroundings, then you have grasped the principle of learning from Physical Geography.

The terrain of your residence, the difference between a mountain from a hill or a pond from a lake, the elevation of land, the nature of volcanoes and glaciers, the wind patterns, the causes of natural disasters, and more – they can all be integrated to your common sense and help you survive.

It really requires memorization and visual cues since they are all about labeling on a certain geographical location or activity after all. Failing to do such can lead to difficulty in providing descriptions and even in distinguishing naturally hazardous environments from the safe ones.

Relation of Physical Geography to Human Geography

If the Physical Geography answers the questions starting ‘where’, then the human geography answers the follow-up questions mostly focusing on ‘why’.

Now that we are in modern times, thanks to the historical records, we can confirm human patterns and their theories. Such examples are ‘why are they farming’, ‘why almost all cities are built within the nearby seaport’ or ‘why is it hot today’.

The physical location is the reason why a human settlement flourished into civilization or erased through extinction. The whole relation can only make sense if you dig deeper into the basic information of human history and economics. That task can either be interesting or daunting.

Practical Approaches

In order to overcome the known challenges, here are practical approaches you can simply practice and consistently apply.

Adopt Memorization Techniques

Aside from the common nouns of the geographical locations, there are also proper nouns too. However, you have no need to further memorize the things beyond your borders since you will be spending your time, assuming you are still a student of traditional learning or online tutorial, on your location only. If it is required, you can use mnemonics or create one for yourself.

Use Visual Tools

The most basic visual tools in geography are the map and the globe. If that is too broad, then use online resources. If pictures don’t help that much, then there are plenty of video tutorials and documentaries wherein you can relate to.

It is impossible that you won’t be able to relate to the visual information from the mentioned tools. You will even be able to view the characteristics of a certain place without being physically present there.

Association and Organization

Landmarks uniquely represent the country or place. Other geographical aspects used for identifying a place are the so-called specialties, delicacies, traditions, and racial features.

As you do more research, you’ll begin to spot these cues and used them to associate certain locations according to the qualities presented. Also, organizing the information you obtained will help you connect one broad information, such as a continent, to the particulars, such as the culture or primary source of income.


Whether Geography is offered in traditional schooling or online tutoring, the most important learning tool is common sense. It will be a very heavily information-reliant subject, but if you see the connections and understand the reasons, then things will make sense at all.

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