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geography of South Korea

Even though the country is not touristic, it has many attractive features that you will discover while on a trip. According to SCJ, The country has many mountains, but their peaks have been worn down by wind and rain. In Jeju island, there is high humidity, which brings rainfall forming tropical evergreen jungles. Jeju island, which is located 85 kilometers from the coast, is a beautiful place to visit in South Korea. It was also voted as the seventh wonder of nature. Jeju island has white sand beaches surrounded by beautiful botanic gardens, pine forests, lave caves, and volcanic craters.

South Korea is small in size, but its population is very high, making natural habitat to be squeezed. The country has 21 national parks, but the only area to have a cool breeze of nature is in the mountain forest.

Initially, tigers were mainly found in the Korean peninsula, but today, they are no longer there. Korea’s tigers seem to have been wiped away by hunters who used their body parts to make traditional medicine.


The country occupies a space of about 100,000 square kilometers, and it has equal dimensions with Portugal. Its capital city is called Seoul and has more than 10 million inhabitants. Seoul has a mix of glittering promenades, architecture, pop culture, party vibes, and beautiful parks. It is one of the popular cities in South Korea and the best place to visit. The dazzling capital city is not only an urban hub but also rich in culture and history. Seoul is a beautiful place from gorgeous palaces, stylish boutiques, and chic restaurants. Most residents In South Korea do not belong to any religious affiliation however Christianity in South Korea is the widely accepted religion.

South Korea shares its northern frontier with North Korea. The country is more of a peninsula or a large island, and the coastline is located opposite of East Sea to the east, yellow sea to the west, and South sea to the South. In South Korea, the highest summit is mount Hallassan which has a height of 1950 meters. Mount Hallasan is located in Jeju island and it is highly regarded by scientists because of its geological value. The mountain is popular for the different types of plants surrounding the mountain resulting in different temperatures. It is also very easy to hike Mount Hallasan since it is possible to get to the peak and back in one day. However, the weather keeps changing, bringing a lot of wind, thus visitors need to be well prepared when going for a hike. Mountains cover seventy percent of South Korea.

Fauna and flora

Given that the country is small in size and has 21 national parks, we can say that South Korea places value on the environment and nature. Even though the Siberian Tiger has completely disappeared in South Korea, animals such as black bears, mandarin vole, and Tristam green woodpecker are still present.

The country has over 33000 species of plants. In most South Korea villages, you will find cedar trees, oak-trees, birches, and beech trees.

There is also ginger, heather, azaleas, and camellias.

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