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Geography Fun

Learning Geography involves being familiar with several places and a wide array of facts. As mentioned on, it may be quite overwhelming and boring for some children.

Are you thinking of ways on how to make learning Geography fun and exciting for young kids?

Games can make learning amusing and interactive. It helps a child study the different aspects of geography engagingly. Their attention span and interest are often increased because students find these educational games as entertaining as their desired video games such as the AFK Arena, Mobile Legends, Rules of Survival, and the like.

This article talks about 5 Geography games that may help you make learning fun for your children. These games work seamlessly in a homeschool situation. It promotes a fun means to answer homework, do reviews, and learn the names of the places you are fond of visiting.

Here are some of the games you may consider while teaching your kids:

  1. Geography Puzzles

Children often love puzzles. If you let them work on geography puzzles, they would not even realize that they are learning. You can let them play puzzles like the USA 500-piece puzzle, GeoPuzzle U.S.A. and Canada, U.S.A. Magnetic Map, Melissa & Doug USA Map, Earth Puzzleball, Melissa & Doug World Map Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle, Antique World Map Puzzle, and Modern Map of the World Puzzle.

  1. Play-Doh Geography

This is perfect when teaching kids about the shapes and borders of states or countries. This game is for both young and older kids.

  1. Geography 20 Questions

This classic 20-question Geography game is ideal for middle school-aged or older kids. It works best for cultural topics or queries connected to people instead of merely borders or shapes.

This game must be played by taking turns in choosing which countries to guess. The player must guess in less than 20 questions.

  1. Spaghetti Noodle Geography

This is best for introducing and learning new content. Children will love playing this game! It  is filled with fun and slime, but rest assured that it does not cause a mess under strict supervision.

To play the game, first, cook a small pan of spaghetti noodles. Then, drain the noodles and rinse it under cool water. Using the noodles, your kid must try to form it into the shape of a certain state or country on a piece of colored paper.

Use glue or paste to attach the noodles on the paper. To make this activity easier, you can let the kids trace the shape onto the paper before adding the spaghetti noodles.

  1. Nerf Gun Maps

Playing this is a piece of cake. It is also a great way to review and learn Geography.

Make sure that your kid is armed with a loaded Nerf gun. Then, using putty or tape, attach a world map onto the wall. Let your kid shoot an area on the map, for an instance the Atlantic Ocean or perhaps London.

Your youngster then takes an aim and shoot. If they miss, they must inform you where the bullet landed. For instance, if you instruct them to hit the Pacific Ocean but miss and hit the Philippines instead, they should tell you that they hit the Philippines.


Incorporating games in learning is a great step to capture the attention of young learners. It allows them to have fun and enjoy while learning things. Geography has always been considered boring for majority of learners, but not until students were introduced to the world of educational games. These games have proven that learning geography can be fun.

Post Author: Lucas Abbott

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