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Rock Street, San Francisco
Rock Street, San Francisco
Geography and Art

National Geographic celebrates the American Artist Appreciation Month. Instead of focusing on artists who make custom paint by numbers kit, they will be featuring some of the notable artists who infused geography in their art pieces. Whether making it as a central subject or a mere design inspiration, the following artists have truly captured our interest:

Valerie Ostenak

As an American metalsmith, Valerie Ostenak draws inspiration from the movement patterns of natural phenomena. The wearable artworks can be said to be derived from the fascination of ocean waves or the admiration of the growth of cave stalactites.

Kyle Abraham

Branded as a ‘genius’ because of his MacArthur Fellowship in 2014, American choreographer and dancer Kyle Abraham uses urban jungles as influences of his hybrid style that he promotes in his company, ‘’.

Devorah Jacoby

American artist Devorah Jacoby created ‘Geography,’ an entire collection of mostly oil paintings. Her works reflect puzzling perception from parts of maps that can take the viewer a trip either to an open interpretation or on a memory lane.

Raghava KK

Raghava KK, a National Geographic Explorer, is one of the ‘participatory art’ pioneers. The said field is based on the usage of experimental and technical measuring tools to detect the viewers’ emotional patterns while viewing the subject artwork.

Judy Tuwaletstiwa

American artist Judy Tuwaletstiwa’s unusual approach to making artwork involves skills in sculpture, painting, and photography, with influences directly from the physical and geographical images around her.

Ben H. Mirin

Another National Geographic explorer, Ben H. Mirin, or DJ Ecotone, is a so-called sound artist. His artworks consist of recording sounds from animals worldwide and using them in samples to create new and interactive music.

Experimental Geography by Nato Thompson

Nato Thompson, a curator, compiles artworks from various artists who make geography the central theme. This compilation is presented in an exhibit entitled ‘Experimental Geography.’

Bill Rankin

Cartographer and historian Bill Rankin have an ongoing project called ‘Radical Cartography.’ This uses maps, specifically outlines of landforms, as the references for the different art media and techniques.

Rebecca Solnit

Writer and another radical cartographer, Rebecca Solnit, is known for her essays and the amazing urban atlases, which use different artistic techniques and drawing styles. Some of her works center in New York, New Orleans, and San Francisco.

Nat Geo Photographers

The list will not be complete without Nat Geo’s very own photographers. With a special mention to Anand Varma, Ami Vitale, Joel Sartore, Krita Schlyerand David Doubilet, along with all of the photographers, these people have made every magazine and online article Nat Geo publish captivating and satisfying.

Without the beauty of nature patiently captured at its amazing moments, all the articles’ words might be empty, and the messages will fall short.

Final Words

Geography may be a field of science, but a higher power is creating each landform or body of water. The views, treasures, and life forms that are by-products of the said geography prove that nature is a dynamic artwork itself.

Post Author: Lucas Abbott

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