Geo Resources is a geography portal for teachers. There is a multitude of information available for educators to disseminate to students and their fellow teachers. It also serves as an avenue for specialists to interact with fellow geography enthusiasts. Today’s technology allows information to be more accessible just at the tip of one’s fingertips.

Geo Resources is considered as a community which is learning from one another. It is a platform for not only individuals to forward innovation of geography but also for various institutions such as schools, colleges, universities, libraries, museums, and other organizations.

Geo Resources puts importance in this particular field of science and the people who participate and push forward the development of it as well. The effectiveness of Geo Resources will manifest through collective action towards educating. These happen through conducting formal events such as journals, forums, conferences, and other activites.

The goals of Geo Resources as follows:

  • To educate individuals and groups about the science of Geography
  • Provide a portal of information about geography
  • Give accessible information to individuals, groups, and institutions

The organization is managed by members who volunteer in helping maintain and continue on the purpose of the organization. Geo Resources is divided into different subgroups that have their own responsibilities in achieving certain objectives and goals for the organization to thrive.

Geo Resources is open to new members who share the same interest and enthusiasm the organization brings and embodies. As of now, GR has already established many branches throughout the European continent which aid in strengthening the group.