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A Brief Course In Geography

With the ongoing pandemic, one of the safest alternatives to ways to learn is tutoring via online courses. There are already those who Become an Online Tutor and Find Online Tutoring Jobs but the majority are still adjusting to home learning. One of the most basic subjects a student is required to undergo is Geography.
Geography is the study of places around the globe and people’s impact on the environment. It introduces the concept of locations, directions, and also the usage of maps. If you are planning to learn more about the …

How to Make Studying Geography Easier

One of the courses or subjects taught in almost every primary 5 maths tuition Singapore in pretty much every country  is Geography. Here, you will know about the world, the countries, the land and water forms, and even the special natural features that can be found within your locality. Being able to learn geography helps you in recognizing directions, makestravel less confusing, and your journey around the world or in your own small town, more enjoyable and meaningful.
Studying geography can be hard, especially when you need to …

Top Online Information Resources for Teachers

Thanks to technology, information has never been more accessible. People who work in different fields have been rejoicing about this, but some of the happiest are probably the teachers.
Before, teachers had to do their research for more information manually, and that would usually take up so much of their time. Now, a few clicks here and there, and the information you want would be sitting right in front of your eyes.
However, not all websites are recommendable. When you make a site your online resource, you want to be sure with a lot of things first such as reliable information, easy …

Report on Geography and Global Learning

A research report has been released by The Geographical Association or GA regarding the impacts of Geography and its global learning from different schools.
The Global Learning Programme or GLP is a program supported by the UK government on educating about global learning that is at the key stages of 2 and 3. The program was taught in primary, secondary, and special schools.
It has built an organization among schools that encourage their students to give a positive impact on global integration. The program has Geography as its leading subject which allows their students to learn and …