Advanced Subsidiary and Advanced Level Geography

Edexcel Specification A.

Unit 2 Human Environments (6462)

Unit 2 Human Environments (6462)

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The list below provides a variety of population-related links. Some of these are very specific, others are more general. The specialist links usually use the term DEMOGRAPHY when talking about population.

One of the best sites to start is the fairly new but excellent UK Census site. A second good start is the very popular USA Census website. This not only has excellent free information from the USA census but also very detailed data on every other country. This is held in the IDB section [International Data Base]. The population pyramids are excellent - give them a try.

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UK Census - everything you wanted to know about the 2001 last!

U.S. Census sites:

red button US Census - the bees knees of population sites home page.

red button The IDB Page - full of very useful population information on every country you can think of.

red button The Population Pyramids Page - full of glorious population pyramids - easy to print out or save as a file.

red button The Official Statistics Page - official statistics from 63 different countries (mainly government statistical sites) and a smaller number of large organisations concerned with population data.

Other sites:

red button Southampton University - an excellent new set of links put together by the Dept. of Social Statistics especially for 'AS' and 'A2' students.

red button Population Reference Bureau - excellent site with very readable articles on many aspects of population study plus a good source of data.

red button - excellent site with over 150 pages examining the concept of overpopulation.

red button Club Of Rome - the infamous Club Of Rome has its own web site - check it out for their latest forecasts...

red button Demography and Population Studies - an official database of 155 sites held for research purposes by the Australian National University. That should keep you busy for a while!!

red button World Population Trends [U.N.] - data and articles about changes in world population.

red button U.N. Population Fund - 6 Billion: A Time For Choices. A five chapter review of the state of the world population. A relatively easy read and some very useful material for essay work.

red button The United Nations Population Information Network [POPIN] - A massive site with information on migration, refugees, family planning, etc. Try the Library at:LIBRARY

red button Population growthWorld Resources Institute

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International migrationWorld Resources Institute

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World Resources Institute The source of lots of useful articles (e.g. Urban growth shown below).

green pin UrbanisationThree units from Australia on Urbanisation Trends, Urban Impacts and Urban Planning.

green pin Role Of Large CitiesThree units from Australia on Role Of Large Cities, Large Cities in the Developing World and Networks of Large Cities.

green pin A Case Study: Bangkok in ThailandNine units from Australia on Bangkok - a lot of detail here for a case study.

green pin Urbanization and Agriculture to the Year 2020A long but interesting article - worth a read.

green pin Urbanization - Mexico CityA classic case-study - some useful information.

green pin Urbanization - Rio de JaneiroAnother classic case-study - useful text but lacks pictures.

green pin Urban growthWorld Resources Institute

green pin CairoArticle on planning for the shanties in Cairo

green pin "Cities of Today, Cities of Tomorrow"Six study units from the UN - a useful set of resources

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