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Years 7 - 9Topic: Population

The list below provides a variety of population-related links. Some of the specialist links use the word DEMOGRAPHY when talking about population.

One of the best sites to start is the excellent U.S. Census site. This not only has excellent free information from the USA census but also very detailed data on every other country. This is held in the IDB section [International Data Base]. There are also lots of useful population pyramids.

U.S. Census sites:

US Censusthe best of the population sites home page.

The IDB Pagefull of very useful population information on every country you can think of.

The Population Pyramids Pagefull of glorious population pyramids - easy to print out or save as a file.

World PopulationAll things to do with world population including the incredibly mindboggling WorldPOPClock - watch the world's population grow by the second!

Other sites:

World Population Trends [U.N.]from the United Nations, data and articles about changes in world population.

The United Nations Population Information Network [POPIN]A massive site with information on migration, refugees, family planning, etc. Try the Library at:LIBRARY

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