Becoming a teacher of any subject or course entails training and honing one’s skill to maximize your potential as an educator and successfully educate your students. Despite various locations needing various qualifications or requirements in order to become a geography teacher, it is important that one fulfills this to ensure they are capable and have sufficient knowledge on the subject and training.

For example, becoming a teacher in England, an individual must have the Qualified Teacher Status or QTS. The QTS allows an individual to teach in the following schools:

  • Maintained primary and secondary school
  • Maintained and non-maintained special school

The TRA or Teaching Regulation Agency is responsible for awarding QTS to deserving individuals on behalf of the Secretary of the State.

It also entails finishing an undergraduate degree, usually a BEd or BA, at the same time finishing a teacher’s training. This ensures that you receive proper training in preparation of becoming an educator.

If you are interested in teaching secondary Geography, it is important to have a degree related to Geography. Some training offer a salary while training or access to a tax-free scholarship.

Some universities do offer training for aspiring teachers with a minimum experience of two school placements. Training are led by a university Geography professor or tutor and are held by groups of 10-15 individuals. Training allow the trainees to interact with one another, share their experiences, and learn how the course is taught at different institutions. All training led by universities offer additional qualification besides QTS.

All training held by schools are awarded with QTS at the end of the training and may also be validated by a university as a postgraduate certificate in education. This type of training requires individuals to train in a particular school and be trained by educators. Only small groups are trained in this type of training. There are different types of school-led training namely SCITT, School Direct fee-paying, and School Direct salaried.

  • SCITT or School Centred Initial Teacher Training is handled by multiple schools. It involves the individual being trained in an assigned school and placed in another school further in the process.
  • School Direct fee-paying have select individuals to undergo training in partnership with SCITT. The schools are handled by teachers of that school.
  • School Direct salaried is applicable for graduates with a minimum work experience of three years. The individual will be employed as an unqualified teacher. Trainees are given a salary which voids them of receiving a scholarship.