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Years 7 - 9Topic: Volcanoes

Volcano WorldThe best volcano site - from here, you can probably find out everything you need to know.

Cascades Volcano ObservatoryA large and very detailed site with good quality information.

Hawaii VolcanoesVirtual Field Trip of Hawaiian volcanoes - includes good photos.

Italy's VolcanoesVolcanoes of Italy - includes lots on Mount Etna.

Stromboli On-LineMore volcanoes of Italy - mainly Stromboli and Etna - lots of excellent photos.

Volcano ImagesA list of volcano images.

Plate Tectonics If you need some general information on plate tectonics try reading this!!

To get up-to-date news on recent volcanoes, try these links:
Disaster GuideA good starting place to find out what volcanoes have recently erupted around the world.

EarthweekNews reports, updated weekly, on Earth events - includes volcanoes and earthquakes.

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